Hiring our Facility


Ring the Club in the first instance: 8842 2928 /  Peter Errey (Secretary) 0419 823 166

Hiring Manager: Helen Ackland  8842 1321  email: lac01451@bigpond.net.au

Rates are calculated by your use of the facilities: 

  1. Clubhouse, no Greens, no Bar, no Kitchen
  2. Clubhouse, with Kitchen, no Bar, no Greens
  3. Clubhouse plus Kitchen plus Bar, no Greens
  4. Clubhouse, Kitchen, Bar and Greens

Bonds are set the same way and are non-negotiable.

Conditions of Hire are available by ringing the Club  8842 2928 or Peter Errey.

We reserve the right to refuse to hire out  the facility.